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When denim jeans first hit the fashion scene and were seen as something beyond a work pant, they were quite simple and shapeless. Over time jeans have evolved so much. We have seen them  high waisted, very wide like in the ’70s with Bellbottoms, in different finishes like the 1980s acid washed, a bootcut look popular in the ’90s, and most recently jean leggings also known as jeggings. There are only so many ways these denim pants can be created though and while they will never disappear from being a fashion staple, it can get to be a bit tedious to wear jeans so often.

One of the biggest influences over what turns out the be the hottest  trends are celebrities. Over the past few seasons we have begun to see more and more celebrities shy away from wearing jeans all the time and have begun branching out into leather pants as an everyday pant.  The evolution of how leather pants are constructed is a big reason for the resurgence of this material. It used to be that a pair of leather pants were thick and somewhat stiff but the leather pants today are just as comfortable to wear as a pair of jeans. Wearing leather pants as opposed to jeans makes your outfit look more polished and put together.Leather pants can easily be dressed up unlike most denim jeans.

The Current/ Elliott Pull Up Leather Leggings are the perfect replacement for your skinny jeans. These pants can be worn with a simple tee shirt or tank top for a casual look or you can wear something more luxurious for times when you want to dress up.  These are great pants to wear with high heels or wedges.

Current/Elliott Pull Up Leather Legging

Current/Elliott Pull Up Leather Legging

Though they are not real leather the Work Custom Mamba Leggera Faux Leather Pants look and feel like the real deal. These pants feel comfortable on and are very breathable so you can easily wear these pants year round, no matter the temperature. These pants have a rocker edge to them with the double slanted zippers on each of the legs. Throw a white tee shirt on with these pants and you are set for the day. You can easily dress up these pants as well if you choose to do so.

Work Custom Jeans Mamba Leggera Faux Leather

Work Custom Jeans Mamba Leggera Faux Leather : Work Custom Jeans Women

While most leather pants are black, my favorite pair that I have discovered are a perfect summer shade. The UTZON Ice Grey Leather Pants are a very light grey, almost white in fact, that are slim fit capri length and will look great with wedges or flat sandals. These pants are super soft and comfortable making them the perfect must have summer pant. You can wear these pants with practically anything in terms of a top.

UTZON Ice Grey Leather Pants

Hurry out and buys some leather pants today and start wearing them. The good news is that these new leather pants are stretchable and breathable so you can wear them year round and not just in the colder months.

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