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Deborah Lippman Glitter Polish

While  glitter polish is not new , the way that  glitter polishes are viewed  is very different than they have been  in the past.  I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old how much I begged my mom to buy me some glitter polish. Glitter polish back then was a cheap dollar polish that would last for a day or so, but as a kid, that was fine with me. Now, glitter polish is a great choice for adults to wear since the quality and look of glitter polish has improved immensely.

The popular glitter polishes made and sold now can not be compared to the glitter polishes of the past. These new , ever so popular and trendy polishes are made from the best ingredients. They often are jellylike, meaning that the glitter is suspended and layered as opposed to looking flat and one dimensional.  This makes it the  perfect accent to you outfit allowing you to forgo attention grabbing jewelry  since the glitter is so blingy and shiny.

Deborah Lippmann is an  industry leader in cosmetics, being a popular brand that  celebrities have worn for a while now. The nail polishes created by Deborah Lippmann are a must have, especially the  glitter polishes. These polishes do not contain toulene, DPP, or formaldehyde ( also known as being the 3 free) which are harmful chemicals that other less quality brands of polish include in their formulas. Deborah Lippmann also does not test products on animals. The glitter polishes are  great on their own or as a top layer to a solid cream polish.

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Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer – Boom Boom Pow is a   “24-carat gold flecked explosion” that was inspired by Kate Moss during  a photo shoot that Deborah worked on with her. The shoot had a nude Kate Moss adorned with gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This  inspired Deborah to create a nail polish that shows  that Gold Nail polish is THE accessory to wear. The base of this polish is shimmery micro gold. The glitter pieces mixed in are both tiny and small hexagonal pieces.

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Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer – Today Was A Fairytale is Virgin Diamond Powder-infused silvery-blue starlight shade with brilliant silver sequins. This color was inspired by songstrees divas Cher and Mariah Carey, more specifically the dramatic hand gestures that they have. Deborah wanted a color that would be as show stopping as the divas themselves and could be seen by all the  from the front row to the back of the arena. The polish has a lot  of micro hexagonal glitter as well as larger hexagonal silver sequins.

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Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer – Across The Universe is a color that is a sheer navy jelly base with metallic blue and green hexagonal and small glitter pieces. The shine of this polish is unbelievable and spell-binding. You can just stare at your nails and truly feel you are traveling across the universe.

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Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer – Bad Romance is a black semi-sheer jelly base that is packed with magenta glitter and hexagonal sequins. When the light hits your nails the contrast between the glitter and the deep burgundy base is truly exquisite.

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Lippmann Collection- Happy Birthday is truly a party in a bottle. A clear jelly base polish with small and hexagonal multi colored glitter, this color immediately makes you think about sprinkles on a birthday cake. A fun color to wear no matter the occassion. This color is great on its own but is even better layered on top of a black or white polish.

No matter the Deborah Lippman color you decide on there are a few helpful hints you should know to help maximize the application of these polishes. First, always apply the polish to a clean, dry nail. You should also put a base coat on first, it does not have to be a Deborah Lippman base but it should be a a 3 free brand.  Once the base is on you can apply the glitter. Use the least amount of strokes as possible, so that the sequins stay in place. Try not to wipe the brush on the side touching your nail, this too will disturb the glitter. Wait a few minutes between layers so each can dry a bit. Many of these glitter polishes are shiny on their own but you can always top it with a super shine top coat.

Chances are you will tire of the color before it chips or fades and when you are ready to change polish colors you may find that these polishes are a bit harder to remove compared to a regular creme polish. The trick for removal is quite simple. Using cotton balls or pads, cut them into 10 small pieces slightly larger than the size of your nail. Soak the cotton in some acetone-free nail polish remover. While the pieces are soaking cut up 5 small pieces of foil , large enough to wrap around your finger.  Once ready to use put a soaked piece of cotton on top of a finger and wrap the foil around the finger. Do the same for the remaining fingers on your hand. Wait 5 minutes, unwrap and most of the polish should have rubbed off but any remaining polish should wipe right off with ease. Once the first hand is done, repeat with the other hand.  You are now ready to start your manicure over with the next great color you choose.


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