If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!This spring brings back a lot of retro styles and one of the most popular are a line coats other wise known as swing coats. This style is iconic to the 1960s and Jackie O and the style still looks fabulous as it did back then. This spring a sleuth of designers have re-invited the swing coat. During its vintage hey days

Military fashion has been in style for almost a decade now. This year military style is taking a tone down look. Instead of a heavy military look of years past , this year the trend is to just have a glimpse of military infused into jackets, shirts , dresses and coats.  The results is refined more glamorous look that will work all year round. The greatest thing about military inspired clothing is that the fact you can

This year the biker or rocker jacket is the “IT”  fashion trend. As more and more people move away from the military trend they are moving onto the rocker biker chic look. Ever since Joan Jett first rocked the biker jacket the Rocker Jacket has been as a fashion icon to all women are who free and liberated. Simone has been known for their high end clothing and jackets that celebrities adore. Nicole Richie and Mary Kate

With temperatures going up, it is time to rearrange your closet and put those long sleeve heavy dresses away for the next 6 or so months. While I am sure that you have some great clothing that you have rediscovered hiding in the back of the closet to wear again, I am also quite sure that you will want to buy a few new items, specifically dresses to wear as soon as it warms up a bit.

Club Monaco is known for their young and hip designs and for most of the past decade they have become known for their black and white signature colors.   While originally an independent Canadian company, Club Monaco is now a division of Ralph Lauren Corporation.  For the past couple of years now they been really focused on renewing their brand and reaching a larger and younger audience, especially in the U.S.  As part of their marketing campaign  they

Shatter Polishes are all the rage right now, it is hard to find these type of polishes anywhere at the moment. As soon as they are put out on display, they are snatched up. China Glaze put out a line of 6 colors back in February and OPI released a Black Shatter around the same time. OPI will continue to release shatter colors in the next few months as part of the  Glam Slam Collection that Serena

While I personally prefer a lighter wash flare denim jean, there are plenty of people who like the darker washes and there are plenty of these dark wash jeans to buy. The amount of flare varies as well as the height of the waist. If you are petite keep in mind that a high waist flare jean is not going to be the most flattering fit on you and will make you look shorter and wider than

When denim jeans first hit the fashion scene and were seen as something beyond a work pant, they were quite simple and shapeless. Over time jeans have evolved so much. We have seen them  high waisted, very wide like in the ’70s with Bellbottoms, in different finishes like the 1980s acid washed, a bootcut look popular in the ’90s, and most recently jean leggings also known as jeggings. There are only so many ways these denim pants

Jeffrey Campbell has been known for years for their out there shoe designs along with a being extremely comfortable. The brand was first launced 10 years ago and today it is a highly sought after shoe line. This year Jeffery Campbell once again is ahead of the curve with their extreme wedges and heels designs. If you are looking for a fun , whimsical, funky shoe then this is the perfect blend of design and function for

Recently there has been a new trend in jewelry that I have noticed, specifically with rings. I have seen more and more double, and occasionally triple,  knuckle rings. No longer is a ring worn simply on one finger, but now they can be worn on two, three, and even four fingers at once. Now a multi knuckle ring  is not something you wear when you are looking for something simple and understated, in fact it is just

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